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October 2010


Licencing a Childcare Service

Are you thinking of starting up your own Child Care Centre?

Succeed Consultancy can assist you in this very rewarding opportunity not only from a business point of view but also from the knowledge that you have contributed to the development and growth of our future generations. If you’re looking to invest in childcare services or children’s services, Succeed Consultancy can offer you expert advice.

From the very beginning we can assist you with professional knowledge, leadership and cater our services to provide you with your individual needs.

In the first initial stages of setting up your Child Care Centre it can be a very daunting first time experience for anyone. But with our guidance we can assist you right from the very start.

There are Five (5) key steps in building a Child Care Centre before the Licensing Process.

Step one (1) Research

Ask yourself have you done your research with your local Council and the Department of Community Services before selecting your site or preparing your plans?

Step two (2) Consultation

Select your site and prepare preliminary plans in accordance with

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Council and Department of Community Services requirements. It is advised that a preliminary consultation be carried out with Succeed Consultancy or another trusted consultancy firm seek their feedback and comments.

Step three (3) Lodge Development Application

Prepare and submit your Development Application with your local Council. This information can be obtained from your local Council.

Step four (4) DA Assessment

After your application is submitted, Council will assess your application and grant you approval if all criteria are met.

Step five (5) Obtain Licence from Department of Community of Services

Apply for Licence from Department of Community Services, supported by Council development consent approval. At the same time, apply for Construction Certificate.

You made it and it’s time to commence your Licence Application… A very rewarding adventure… Sounds easy! It’s not always and this process can give you many headaches

The Licensing process involves many different aspects and a lot of hard work, which require your time, commitment and motivation.

Succeed Consultancy can help you every step of the way, call today 1300 077 248 or visit us on our website

The below items are what you require for your Licence Application
A legal name of your Company or your chosen entity. (We suggest to talk to your accountant for the best legal set up to suit your individual needs)
Obtain an Australian Business Number (ABN) Number for your Company; this can be obtained from your Accountant
A copy of your current governing or constitution documents: A Company Constitution – A document which defines the existence of the entity and regulates the structure and control of the entity and its members or Trust Deed – A document wherein specific financial interest in the title to real property is transferred to a trustee, which holds it as security for a loan (debt) between two other parties.
Evidence of incorporation – A Company Certificate of Registration if applicable
An ASIC company extract search obtained from your Accountant
Personal Details form with 100 point identification points witnessed by a Justice of the Peace
An Authorised Supervisor for the service. Succeed can provide one for you…
A Police check on each individual in the management/operation of the service or the Department will do one your behalf. This depends in which you State you are in
You will also need to enclose a cheque for your License application when submitting this to the Department. The License fee depends on your centre’s status of how many children the service will be Licensed for and how long you wish your service to be Licensed for one (1), three (3)or five (5) years.
It is important to ensure that your License application matches up with your Development Approval (from your local Council) of the granted operation times your service can operate, the ages of children you can provide care for and the maximum number of children within your service at anyone time.
Before the submission of your License application it is highly recommended that you make copies of your application and supporting documentation for your records.
Before copying your application

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go through the application thoroughly to ensure that all areas have been completed correctly as submitting an application with incorrect details and or information will hold up your License application. Incomplete and or non compliant applications will not be processed until correctly completed.

Once your application has been processed a Child Care Advisor will make contact to come out to your centre to ensure that your centre is compliant with the Regulations. The advisor will ensure that all areas are compliant. For NSW the advisor will ensure that Part 3 – Licence conditions – Facilities and Equipment requirements are met. Some items that they may check;

Space requirements Storage facilities Cleanliness,
maintenance and repairs

Laundry facilities Swimming pools if applicable Glass
Craft facilities Telephone Safe environment
Food Preparation facilities Development and play equip Procedures
Toilet and washing facilities Fencing First Aid Kits
Nappy changing facilities Fire Safety equipment Ventilation, light and heating
Sleeping facilities Staffing qualifications Occupational Health and Safety
Hot water Programming Menus
Evacuation and emergency
procedures are displayed
and in place

Non Compliance

If something is non-compliant in your service you will not be issued its License. A report is given of the identifying problems and another visit is re scheduled or providing evidence that areas have been amended can suffice.

Currently each state and territory Government is responsible for legislation under which child care services are licensed. This is administered by the relevant licensing However, the reality is the is loaned into existence does not really have a compulsion to return to the ledger to disappear. department in each state and territory.

Licensing provides a legal “floor” below which no service is permitted to operate. Licensing includes factors which are most readily measured, such as space, range of equipment, number and ages of children, number of staff and the length of their training.

There are a few differences between states for the Licence application process – these are additional items needed for the above application – these are listed below

New South Wales – Building a new centre

In New South Wales Child Care centres are required to be licensed under the Children’s Services Regulations 2004
Two (2) full sized current plans of the centre
Two (2) notice of intentions placed in two different newspapers (tear sheet or actual paper) – one which is distributed around NSW and another in a local paper of the centre’s suburb
Your centers philosophy
Part 3 compliance completed by an Architect
Working with Children check permission forms
Evidence that you own the service premises or evidence that the lessee of premises with at least 3 year lease and right to immediate possession for use as a children’s service
Copy of your Occupation Certificate under Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 for use of premises for service
A copy of certificate under section 149A of Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979
All areas within your service will need to comply with the Children’s Services Regulations 2004
Less information is needed if the centre is being sold
Australian Capital Territory

In the Australian Capital Territory Centres are required to be licensed To understand the methods of securing money for casino Online USA players, it is important to appreciate where the risks come from. in regulation with the Children and Young People Act 2008. The Australian Capital Territory meets with all prospective clients and has a 1:1 meeting in regards to your Child Care Centre premises. First of all the Department will send you a letter which outlines the items you will need to take place in the licensing process. The Department also holds an interview and discusses your plans and application. Your application forms are then provided to you personally during your meeting.

There a few differences that need to be incorporated into your license application they are as follows:

Complete Childcare Service – Proposed Proprietor Suitable Entity Assessment Application (SE 001)
Complete Childcare Service – Proposed Proprietor Representative Suitable Entity Assessment Application (SE 002) (Representative Two)
Referee Report Forms
For a statutory authority, a copy of the enabling gazettal, enabling legislation or evidence from the CEO
Complete Childcare Service – Proposed Proprietor Representative Suitable Entity Assessment Application (SE 002) (Representative One)
Complete Childcare Service –Proposed Controlling Person Suitable Entity Assessment Application (SE 003) (If more than one Controlling Person is nominated, provide for each applicant)
Service Director / Coordinator / Teacher in Charge Qualifications (certified copy)


In Victoria Child Care Centres are required to be likened in regulation with the Children’s Services Act 1996 and the Children’s Services Regulations 2009.

The following is also needed to be included in your application.

Approval of Premises (AOP), your centres educational program
Children’s Service area measurements form
Determination of a fit and proper person
All areas within the service will need to comply with the children’s’ services Act and regulations
Attend a Fit and Proper Interview

South Australia

In South Australia Child Care Centres are required to meet the requirements of the Children’s Services (Child Care Centre) Regulations 1998.

There are seven (7) main steps of the licensing process. These are as follows:

Place an Advertisement in the newspaper
Applying to conduct a Child Care Centre
Provide and complete Authority to Access Offender History Information
Apply for Approval of Premises
Apply for a proposed manager for your proposed centre
Pre – Licence Assessment/Interview
Pre – Licence inspection of premises, facilities and equipment


In Queensland there are various steps within the licensing process that need to be adhered to these include the following which is in reference from the Child Care Regulations 2003 and Child Care Act 2002. In your application you need to have been granted town planning consent, have Approval of building, if the centre is suppling food you will need to register under the Food Act 2006, a certificate of classification been issued, registration of your service under workplace, health & safety Act.

The below criteria is needed to be completed before your Licence is granted.

Building, facilities and equipment
Blue card – The Commission for Young People and Child Guardian
First Aid
Health and Safety Matters
Centre policies
Staff qualifications, rosters, details and groupings
Role statements of the service including key duties and responsibilities for each staff member
Suitability of carers and staff members in compliance with the Commission for Children and Young People and Child Guardian Act 2000
Suitability of Licensee and related persons


In Tasmania Child Care Centres are required to be Licence under the Child Care Act 2001. The following steps are required in the licensing process in Tasmania.

Fitness and Propriety – Safety Screening, Declaration Form, CCU Check against the Child Care Unit database and register, Referee Reports and ability to make inquiries with interstate child care licensing colleagues and other agencies within Tasmania
Safety screening clearance
Declaration form
Completed Application for a License to Operate a Centre Based Child Care Service
Insurance details – Certificates of Currency
Schedule of personnel
Written documentation of your staff roster
Fire evacuation plan and written approval from the Tasmanian Fire Service

Western Australia

In Western Australia Child Care Centres are required to be licensed under the Child Care Services Regulations 2006 and the Child Care Services Act 2007. Once the application has been lodged it can take approximately ninety (90) days to process the final outcome.

The applicant must sit and pass the Licence application assessment
Complete a financial certification statement
Place a notice of application needs to be lodged in The Western Australian Newspaper

Northern Territory

In the Northern Territory Child Care Centres are required to operate under the Northern Territory Children’s Services Legislation – The Care and Protection of Children Act 2007, and

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Care and Protection Regulations 2009, you will need to gain a permit to occupy and you can then process to complete and lodge an Application to operate a Children’s Service in the Northern Territory.

With your application you will need to supply the following documents:

Your permit to Occupy
Proof of ownership, lease of premises
A copy of the centre’s operating plan
It must be noted that the centre must have their public liability and insurances set at a minimum of five (5) million dollars
Having familiarised yourself with the information provided above you are now ready to commence making preparations for your license application. Before you proceed it is recommended that you make contact with your Department in your location to ask of any questions you may wish to clarify.

Need a helping hand; you don’t have the time or knowledge.
Succeed Consultancy has a package that will meet your needs and your budget.

or ring Kelly today on 1300 077 248 for a free no obligation proposal

Succeed Consultancy is a consultancy and management based company who specialise in the Children’s Services sector. They tailor their services to meet your individual needs.

They can assist you from right at the beginning of your Child Care Centre dream. They will complete the licensing process for you and or with you. They will provide you with up to date Child Care information and will ensure that you will gain your Child Care Licence with ease.

If you would like to further discuss the licensing process please do not hesitate to contact Succeed Consultancy today.

P: 1300 077 248

Or visit us at:

Departmental Contact for Licensing a Children’s Service

ACT – Department of Disability, Housing and Community Services Office for Children, Youth and Family Support Children”s Policy and Regulation Website: E-mail: GPO Box 158 CANBERRA CITY ACT 2601 Phone: (02) 6207 1114

New South Wales – Department of Human Services Community Services Website: E-mail: Locked Bag 4028 ASHFIELD NSW 2131 Phone: (02) 9716 2100 or 1800 619 113 (toll free)

Queensland – Department of Education and Training Office for Early Childhood Education and Care Regulation and Services Website:
E-mail: PO Box 15033 City East QLD 4002 Phone: 1800 637 711

South Australia – Department of Education and Children”s Services (DECS) Licensing and Standards Website: E-mail: GPO Box 1152 ADELAIDE SA 5001 Phone: 1800 088 158 (toll free)

Tasmania – Department of Education Child Care Unit Website:
E-mail: GPO Box 169 HOBART TAS 7001 Phone: 1300 135 513

Northern Territory – Department of

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Education and Training Early Childhood Policy and Regulations Website: E-mail: GPO Box 4821 DARWIN NT 0801 Phone: (08) 8901 1356 Fax: (08) 8999 5677

Victoria – Department of Education and Early Childhood Development Office for Children and Early Childhood Development Children”s Services Licensing and Regulations Branch Website: E-mail: GPO Box 4367 MELBOURNE VIC 3001 Phone: (03) 9096 0000 or 1300 307 415 (toll free) Fax: (07) 3234 0310

Western Australia – Department for Communities Childcare Licensing and Standards Unit Website: E-mail: PO Box 6242 EAST PERTH BUSINESS CENTRE WA 6892 Phone: (08) 6210 3333 or 1800 199 383 (toll free) Fax: (08) 6210 3300

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